November, 2015

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Online Black Friday Shopping Looks Cool!

I was involved in a car accident a few weeks ago, and it has really put a damper on things that I can do because I broke both of my legs in it. I am not able to work, and getting out to the doctor’s appointments is a pain. I knew that I was going to miss Black Friday shopping because it is something that I have done every year but was next to impossible for this year. At least, getting out to the actual stores would be hard. I did a search for best Black Friday deals 2015 to see if any of the stores I like would have any online deals, and I was really surprised by what I found.Black Friday Shopping

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I Ordered What I Needed with a Big Discount

I have always known that prices in many stores are great the day after Christmas here in our country. But I had never gone to any store to check it out because I always had a house full of relatives visiting at that time of year, or I was out of town staying at relative’s homes to visit them. But now we have a new big shopping day right after Thanksgiving, and I wanted to know if I could find some good Cyber Monday TV deals and sales that might help me out.Order What I need

I had been using a clunker of a TV for about 16 years. It was incredibly heavy and hard to move. This is important when you are 75 years old and do not have the same strength that you had 10 or 15 years earlier. In fact, when I needed a new television table, I was unable to remove the heavy console off the top without some help from a neighbor. It was then that I could see the merit of newer and lighter television sets. I also wanted a Smart TV.

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